Value Of Self

In Your Past at times we have forget our value of who we are. We lose ourselves in the relationship, friendship, or either families ties. We have to understand that we need to value your self worth, self love , and value of who we are in everyday lifec. A lot times we think we need validation of others to realize how precious we are . We all have a purpose and we have value to do our part in our community. Many times the process might seem clear but keep trust the value of your own knowledge and remember Who/What you stand for.

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Many times we always depend on other people to be reason why we smile, many times we depend on people to be the reason why we enjoy life, many times we depend on people to the be reason why we happy.

The moment when I remove my Mask I was open doors to except my flaws. I was open doors to let my personality be free to be me without the care of being judged. I was ready to love myself and know mys