Heal To Love

Many times we always depend on other people to be reason why we smile, many times we depend on people to be the reason why we enjoy life, many times we depend on people to the be reason why we happy. You need to be your reason why you smile. You need be the reason why you enjoy life, You need to be your reason why your happy. Stop looking for that happily ever after ending from someone else. You are in control of your joy, peace, and happiness. So many times we rely on others to make us happy and that how we set ourselves up for disappointment. Most people don't care about your happiness if it not impact their happiness. Many times people are not who they appear to be. The give you a imitation version of themselves to give us hope and then set us up for disappointment. We as individuals have to not rely on others to give us happiness, joy, and love . We have to give ourselves our own strength, your own power and your own happy to be at peace with oneself.

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